Why Didn't I Think Of That?

This genius "Timer Cap" displays how many hours and minutes have passed since you last twisted it open so you know when it's time for your next dose. Never miss a dose again! (www.rxtimercap.com, $7.50)
EZ Sox helps your child slip on their socks all by themselves, thanks to the genius pull-up loops on the sides. ($10 for a two-pack, ezsox.com)
Make midday meals picnic portable with Fred Flare's Reusable To Go Lunch Cup. The BPA free set includes a fits-into-the-lid cup for dips or dressings, as well as snap-on fork. (www.fredflare.com, use code GH2012 for price shown to get 25% off).
Are you sick of cleaning up a million little pieces of legos or puzzle pieces? Hand your child this oversize sweeper and watch as he has almost as much fun scooping up toys and pouring them into bins as he does playing with them! ($19, www.toydozer.com)
If you have kids, you know that playing happens all over the house despite your efforts to keep it contained to one area. Having functional storage for toys, papers, and pens means they are close by and easy to get to when the kids want them and easy to put away when they're done. And now you can do just that with Ikea's PS 2012 Side Table with 4 built-in bowls. The perfect solution to containing what could be a total mess. ($49.99, www.ikea.com)

Take entertaining to new heights with Cost Plus World Market's tastefully tropical Rio "Tea for Two Set." Sized for sharing, the stackable porcelain pot holds three steaming cupfuls. Its sleek, stackable design includes two cups, two saucers and a 24-oz. teapot. A perfect gift for a special female in your life! ($24.99, www.worldmarket.com).

Elevate your favorite plate with the serveitup® - the first stand that provides a secure lift to any size or shape plate or bowl. Put your everyday plate on a pedestal and instantly raise the bar on serving and entertaining. The serveitup® has a porcelain base, topped with a suction cup that securely affixes to flat, non porous dinnerware. Simply pull the tab to release the plate when you are done. Now you can showcase all of Grandma's old recipes and give her china the star treatment!
To buy: fusionbrands.com, $30 for large plate.

As seen on realsimple.com and in Parenting Magazine, the Swoop is a clever toy tote that also serves as a playmat for building with blocks, racing cars, and other activities. When it's time to clean up, just pull the drawstring and the bag swallows up the mess. ($48, www.spoonsisters.com).

Umbra Sombrero Juicer makes it entirely easy to create a personal bottle of your favorite beverage. The contraption works just like any other juicer, but is customized to make a single serving perfect for those on the go. Simply twist the lemon, lime or orange even to add fast, fresh-squeezed flavor to blah bottled beverages sans the pesky seeds. Clever. (www.umbra.com, $5.00).

Corn is messy. Whether it's in your teeth or it's everywhere from trying to shave the kernels off onto your plate, it's annoying. The Corn Kerneler is a unique and handy tool that features stainless blades that quickly and easily remove the kernels. The best part is that there's no mess because the kerneler holds the kernels in the basin until you're ready to pour them out through the handy spout. Also, if you're a real corn lover and know you want two pieces, the basin can hold up to two cobs of corn! ($8.40, Amazon.com)

Hate loose change & keys all over the house? Designate one place for them - the key-and-coin holder. A sleek, three-inch tall back that's right on the money: change rolls through the slot, but keys stay on top. Great for the man in your life that empties his pockets everywhere! ($32, www.emmohome.com)

I love the baby food in a pouch concept and this makes my heart sing. This Boon spoon screws onto Plum Organics’ baby food pouches for easy on-the-go meals anywhere, anytime. Great for one-handed, easy to clean up feeds. The spoon is BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free, dishwasher safe (top rack) and reusable. (Available at Babies R Us, Diapers.com, Target, etc., $3.99 for 2).

The first ever cotton or linen napkin on a roll! These napkins are perforated, eco-friendly, recyclable napkins that are washable up to six times. They come in all different colors and sizes. ($25 for a roll of 50, buymydrap.com)

A Time-Out Stool. One word: BRILLIANT. ($69.00, http://www.wisteria.com/).

Have a dull diamond or tainted jewelry? The Jeweler in the Dishwasher Basket, a no-scrub jewelry cleaner, safely cleans platinum, silver and gold jewelry - earrings, necklaces, braclets, rings and pendants with securely set stones - on the top rack of yes, your dishwasher. What shouldn't go in; soft gems like opas, pearls, and turquoise. ($25, http://www.jewelerinthedishwasher.com/).

Spice Racks from Ikea are a fantastic way to organize your children's library of books for cheap! ONLY $3.99!! Brilliant if you ask me. (http://www.ikea.com/, $3.99)

The Zip & Dry Apron is genius - an apron that has a quick-zip removal towel. Stay clean and clean surfaces as you go! A multi-tasking product after my own heart. When the towel gets dirty, simply un-zip and throw it in the washing machine. A perfect gift for the girl who spends a lot of time in the kitchen! (http://www.amazon.com/, $24.99)

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we’ll all be consuming a lot more pie in the next few months. But if your family can’t decide on one flavor (cherry vs. apple or pumpkin vs. pecan) try this clever (if gimmicky) pie pan that allows you to make two different flavors at once. Just be sure they have the same cooking time and temperature. (Spoonsister.com, $18).

Attention absent-minded gals: Cobra Tag ($50, amazon.com) is sure to save you time and sanity. The key-chain-and smartphone-app combo uses Bluetooth technology to help you to keep track of your valuables. Lost your keys? Just tap the corresponding app to activate a chime for easy locating. Can't find your phone? Pressing a button on Cobra's sensor will start the ringer (even if it's on vibrate!). Misplace your sunglasses? Sorry, can't help you there. :)

If you've ever cringed when your little one stuck your iPhone in her mouth, the Laugh and Learn Baby I Can Play Case is a must. It protects the device while amusing your kid.
(6-36 months, $15, fisher-price.com)

The 'Money Savvy Pig' - a unique 4-chambered bank - teaches kids basic money skills by introducing them to four choices for their money: Save, Spend, Donate & Invest. Buy one now & save 10%. Code: PTM911 ($16.99, msgen.com)

Whether you store your kitchen utensils in a drawer or in a crock on your counter, the whisk always seems to be the tool that refuses to play nice with the others. It’s bulky and always seems to get tangled with the tongs and spatulas. But now there’s a whisk that will (hopefully) solve that problem - Say hello to the Retractable Whisk from Quirky. The whisk portion retracts into the handle for easy, organized storage. My kind of tool!  (http://www.quirky.com/)

Soft grass and grates in sidewalks have to be two of the most annoying things in the world when you're walking around in knock-out stiletto heels. The heel of the shoe either sinks in or gets dirty or scraped. Here's a solution to your problem - SoleMates High Heeler; the "sole-ution to high heel hazards!" This little bit of plastic fits snug around your heel and the extra base area helps prevent the heel from sinking in grass or falling into grates and cracks in the ground. Find out more about them at SoleMate.com. Available in Clear, Black, Silver, Gold and Glow in the Dark. ($9.95, http://www.thesoulmates.com/)

Now you can make any pair of jeans work with either heels or flats with Hem Gems. The discreet, reusable rivets instantly (and temporarily) shorten your jeans keeping you stylish while not stomping on your hems. ($20 for set of 8, http://www.hemgems.com/)

Take wine to your favorite beach or park without having to worry about spills with this genius bamboo wine table. Designed to work with any stemmed wine or champagne glass, this table sticks directly into the ground or sand and holds glasses steady, plus has a small surface for a light snack. ($22, http://www.uncommongoods.com/)

Don't get left out of your family vacation photos ever again with "The Bottle Cap Tripod." This genius device is small enough to fit in your pocket for traveling. ($10, http://www.uncommongoods.com/)

The Pouch Tea Mug is the perfect gift for the tea lover. Its handy, built-in pouch provides the perfect place for a used tea bag. With the Pouch Tea Mug, you'll no longer need a coaster or napkin to contain the mess from a discarded tea bag. Simply store it in the pouch. Available in four colors. ($9.95, http://www.vat19.com/)

Avoid wasting an almost full bottle of wine by forgetting when you opened it with this clever wine stopper with twistable date rings. When you're ready to put that half-finished bottle away, simply turn the dial so that day's date is lined up. That way you'll know for sure how long the wine has been open, and how much longer you have to enjoy it. ($45, Amazon.com)

Families will go bananas over this clever kitchen tool. Designed to make the kid-friendly fruit more fun than ever, the innovative "Chef'n Banana Slicer" quickly creates thin, uniform slices. Just squeeze the handle! (Williams Sonoma, $9.95)

Cupcake Push Pops are the latest and greatest in cake-land. First it was the couture cupcake then it snowballed into a cupcake craze; cupcake wedding cake, cupcakes in a jar,  cupcakes on a stick, donut cupcakes. Not this. When will the cupcake insanity end? And what will be next??

Love the vino but hate the purple tint on your lips and teeth? These cloth wine wipes use all-natural hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to erase stains in seconds, and the mirrored lid lets you touch up discreetly.$7 for 20, http://www.winewipes.com/

Deep in the abyss of your purse, your keys are waging a war on your cell phone, camera and sunglasses. Defend your stuff from scatches with this drawstring felt key case. $35, http://www.tortoisegeneralstore.com/

Need help getting out of bed? The Tocky alarm clock will roll off your nightstand and around the room, sounding the alarm until you get out of bed to turn it off. $69 @ http://nandahome.com/
No need to transfer chopped fruits and vegetables from your cutting board to a strainer with this multitasker. It fits over the sink, maximizing your work space, and the silicone strainer collapses so you can store the bamboo board easily. $32 @ http://www.uncommongoods.com/

Eating pasta has never been easier - or more fun. Twirling is a better way to eat spaghetti and the motorized fork automatically winds up the pasta on the end of the fork. Now there’s less mess, more satisfying bites and 100% twirling fun for the kids! Available at Amazon.com; $8.00.

Talk about innovation. The new Momma Developmental Drink Set helps your toddler transition from a bottle to a sippy cup to a straw - all in one! The bottom's rounded base is easy for little hands to grasp and rocks in place for fewer spills. All parts are BPA and phthalate free. Available at Amazon.com; $20.