Thursday, October 11, 2012

How bad is it? unpack your suitcase on your bed?

A: Super bad!!

I get on my husband about this all the time. Grosses me out. Think about all the surfaces those wheels have rolled across. I don't even want to think about what we brought back from the streets of San Fran last week.  Ew. Why is it so bad you wonder? The dirt and grime they pick can easily rub off on your linens. If that's not gross enough, your bag could be harboring the most unwanted guests ever: bedbugs. And if you haven't read my post on bed bugs, you may want to educate yourself now by clicking HERE.

Bottom line - never place your suitcase on a soft surface like a bed or a chair where bugs can scurry under the cushions or sheets. They multiple quickly so keep the suitcase far from the closet too where they can latch onto other clothes.

Best place to unpack is in the garage but that's extremely inconvenient. The next best - a hard surface like the floor in the bathroom or the laundry room. If you do find bugs, have it professionally treated immediately.

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  1. A good solution we came up with was to purhcase those collapsable suitcase racks like they have in hotels to keep on our bedroom (bonus is that the suitcase isn't on the floor and we don't have to bend over constantly to unpack/re-pack)! Another good trick to kill any bed bugs that might be in the suitcase is to keep it in your car parked outside in the heat/sun with all of the windows rolled up for approximaely 4 - 5 hours which will kill most other germs, too. My husband also does maintenance on our suitcases about once a quarter where he takes out the wheels (and all of the gross hair which is caught up in there) and applies WD40 to make the suitcase roll easier. Hope this all helps!