Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bang for your Buck

As I was fidgeting around the house this morning, picking up the same dang toys for the gazzillionth time, a random question popped into my mind - what's one item in the house that has given us the most bang for our buck?

I honestly didn't have to hesitate. I've got two very curious boys and they always like to see what's going on, open all things by themselves, and prop themselves up inside the sink so naturally the best $7.99 I've spent is on the Ikea "Bolmen" step stool.

Don't let the plastic fool you - it's sturdy. And I love that you can easily whip it down quickly and it's ok if left outside. Which is where I find it most days as the boys stand pulling on the fence gate string. Another reason I like the plastic is because it's lightweight. The boys can easily move it from room to room to get things without having to ask. Note to self; hide all candy and chemicals out of reach.

The Bolmen step stool can be found in the bathroom section @ Ikea. And yep, it's really only $7.99.

Do you have a household product that you get the most bang for your buck out of?

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