Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Party Perfect

Have a few holiday parties on the calendar in the coming weeks? Feeling pressure to look holiday fab? I sure am even though I'm learning in my wise old age that no one really cares - or remembers. But it's the holidays. It's a time to do up your 'do, slip on a sequins dress and dust off those high heels you haven't seen since you had kids.

Not sure about you but when it comes to stepping out of my day-to-day make-up and hair routine (aka -- pony tail, mascara and a dusting of bronzer) I go absolutely brain dead. So when I saw this Glamour tip come to my email this week, it was like God was telling me, "Hailey, DO THIS. Don't spend all week stressing about how you're going to spice it up. Just do this."

If you too are looking for a quick and easy way to take your look from drab to fab, DO THIS:

1) Line under your eye with black eyeliner pencil.
2) Swipe your upper lids with a liquid eyeliner.
3) Apply a gray shadow over the top to soften the dark black line.
4) Dust some sparkly pink over the entire lid.
5) Apply lighter gray into the creases of her eyes for shading.
6) Pair with a peachy lip and don't forget the mascara!

Overall this look is a little friendlier than most smoky eye looks, which means it's perfect for an office party or anywhere you're going for "festive" over "sexy."

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