Friday, November 18, 2011

Fancy Friday

Something I love about the holidays are the family traditions that come with them. Now that I have my own family, there are several traditions that will carry on from my childhood into my own children's childhood but I do always keep my eyes and ears open for traditions we can start as just our own little family.

One thing that tickled my fancy this week was this particular Thanksgiving tradition from Simply Vintage Girl (picture above) that is so simple to make and encourages dialogue amongst your family on what you are most thankful for. Call them what you like - Gratitude Tree. Thankful Tree. Thanksgiving Tree. Not a new idea but one worth starting.

The idea is simple: Have each family member write heartfelt sentiments for the things they are most grateful for and during Thanksgiving dinner go around the table and have each person read their tag. It fosters communication, teaches gratitude and gets the room glowing with smiles.

If you're bundled up inside this weekend, this is an easy and fun craft to do with your kids to keep them away from yet another hour of tv. You don't need much - just a few twigs from the yard and some craft paper.

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