Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Makeup Madness: Fall/Winter Favorites

Don't have time to flip thru the latest issue of Vogue to find out the fall/winter color trends? Don't beat yourself up - not many of us do. If you're stuck in a beauty rut and you want to *attempt* to stay current but have no idea where to start, here are four (4) top makeup trends for Fall/Winter 2010 to get you started in the right direction.

1) NATURAL: Fall/Winter 2010 is a time to let your natural beauty shine through, with flawless skin, nude lip colors and soft, neutral eyes. The natural look is one that suits every age group and every pocketbook. The key to the minimal makeup look is to make certain that your skin looks gorgeous. By exfoliating and keeping it moisturized, you'll be able to pull off this look with ease. I personally love to dust my skin with a darker shade of luminous pressed powder - not a "bronzer" - to highlight the skin with a subtle glaze of color. MAC's "Mineralize Skinfinish Natural" is a perfect choice. The minerals provide dimension to give the skin that beautiful sheen and a subtle glow to keep that sunkist look throughout the winter. Try to avoid caking on foundations. If you do use a foundation, find the color that best matches your skin and dust it on with a brush only in the places that need blending. It is recommended to keep your eyes natural and pretty with a wash of a sheer, neutral eye shadow and a coat of brown or black mascara. (Don't forget your Primer for feathery lashes!) Warm spicy brown, pale yellow, and rich caramel eye shadows are being paired with beige and nude lips to create a radiant winter glow. For the perfect caramel eye shadow, be sure to check out MAC's "Amber Lights" eye shadow. Urban Decay's eyeshadow in "Twice Baked" is the perfect dark chocolate brown. If you're like me, you like eyeshadow palettes. I personally like Cover Girls "Golden Sunset" 3 shadow kit or Urban Decay's "Naked Eyeshadow" palette. Lips can go totally nude, or you can wear a lip-toned, nude gloss or lipstick. MAC lipstick in "Siss" is the perfect golden beige to finish off the bronzed look. If you're fair skinned, a nude lip is very hard to pull off. But have no fear. You can pair a soft brown warm shadow with a mid-tone pink lip. Check out the NARS "Best of Lips Palette" for an array of amazing winter pinks or for a less expensive alternative, I recommend Revlon's Super Lustrous Lip gloss in "Peach Petal" It adds just enough color for that natural look. As for nails, Nude and Dark chocolate nails are all the rage this winter.
2) PURPLE POWER: The "it" color for fall 2010 was purple: orchid, mauve, plum, eggplant, lavender. If you missed the purple memo in the fall, don't fret - it's going to stick around for winter too. The purple craze isn't just for eyes, but for lips and nails, too. Makeup designers are offering pretty palettes plum full of precious purples to delight every woman. Covergirl's "Berries and Cream" 4 kit shadow and Maybelline's Eye Studio Color Pearls Marbleized Eyeshadow in "Lawless Lavender"are two that stand out. While a deep plum lipstick might not flatter everyone, a sheer, plum-toned gloss is just as seductive. If you’re risqué go for the bright and bold. MAC's "Odyssey" creme lipstick is a heavily pigmented plum color that will achieve that look. If you’re a bit more conservative, add a light purple sheen to your lips with Revlon's Super Lustrous Lip gloss in "Lilac Pastelle." Nail lacquers in all possible shades of purple are everywhere, from a dark, dramatic, royal purple, to more pale, polite, lilac shades. A favorite is Revlon's "Plum Night" Nail Polish. The purple craze is definitely a bold, get-you-noticed look, but it's also a super-fresh take on the requisite browns and berries we see eeeeevery fall. Although most will steer clear of the purple hues, the blue undertones actually make your skin look tanner and the whites of our eyes look brighter.

3) RUBY RED LIPS: Dramatic, red lips are very hot again for fall/winter 2010, and that is good news for lipstick lovers. Red lipsticks, lip stains and glosses abound, and a shade can be found for every age group and skin tone. While red lips may scare some, it is a makeup trend that is fun and one to try, even if only for special occasions. There are several hues of red; wine, crimson, true red, pinky red, and the key is to choose a shade that complements your skin tone. Lining the lips before applying red lipstick is a must, and done well, red lips rock on almost every woman. It's risky but worth a try. Pair with a smokey eye and you're sure to turn head's.

4) SMOKEY EYES: Infallible smokey eyes in metallic, black and purple can help create a sexy look for fall/winter season. Accentuate your eyes with eyeliner and a bit of black or dark brown eyeshadow to create that mysterious effect. I personally love MAC's "Printed" eyeshadow for a lighter smokey eye. It's a muted grey with shimmer that you can wear day or night. Beauty editor's rave about Covergirl's "Smoky Shadow Blast." To achieve this look check out either "Onyx Smoke" or "Silver Sky." Leave your lips light-colored with nude lipstick by day and for a more dramatic look at night, add a pop of red.The emphasis lay more on the eye shadowing then on the long eyelashes this season. Steer clear of fake eyelashes this season as they are compensated by the shaded dark pencil at the out corner of the eye line.
For a lot of us, cold weather doesn't only effect our fashion, but also our skin. Winter skin tends to be dry and flaky. Make sure to moisturize daily! For a "steal" I recommend Aveeno's "Ultra Calming" Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30. If you're looking to splurge, you can't go wrong with Philosophy's "Hope in a Jar" moisturizer if you have dry problem skin in the winter. To keep lips smooth and protected I recommend Chapstick Naturals. They are simple, cheap and very effective.

Cheers to looking your best this winter!

MAC can be found at Nordstrom -- Nars and Philosophy can be found at Nordstrom or Sephora -- Urban Decay can be found at Macy's or Sephora -- Maybelline, Covergirl, Revlon & Aveeno can be found at any local drugstore, Target or Walmart

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