Thursday, November 11, 2010

Banging Bargains UNDER $25

I received an email shortly after the Paulette Macaron post asking if I could help brainstorm some inexpensive holiday gift ideas other than the usual bottle of wine. Let me first say KUDDOS to you Jenny for wanting to start your holiday shopping this early! I put my thinking cap on and came up with some fun and contemporary ideas below. Hope you're inspired!

You will notice that I personally love to pair 2-3 inexpensive items that coordinate well together to create a cute package. I am also personally obsessed (and you should be too) with Cost Plus World Market. Their tag-line, "Unique, Authentic and Always Affordable" is spot on. You can seriously find something for everyone on your list in this one store. How heavenly is that?!?! Ok maybe not the kiddos but close. Be prepared to spend hours looking through their hundreds of bottles of unique wines from all over the world and get lost amongst all the funky, one of a kind accessories.

~Hailey's Banging Bargains Under $25~

For the Morning Person: Personalized mug from ($9.99-$19.99), Starbucks 2.5 lb bag of Natural Fusions Vanilla Coffee ($8.95), & Nonni's Biscotti (Prices may vary in stores)*Search under Nonni's Store Locator to find a local store selling the Nonni's Biscotti (Yum!)

For the Beer Lover: 10 Pack of beers from around the world (Prices may vary) & Pilsner glasses (set of 4 for $7.96)

For the Entertainer: Napkin set (set of 4 for $11.96) & napkin rings (individual rings sold in stores for $2.99 each or sets of 4 for $11.94)

For the Neat Freak: Dish towel set ($14.99) & Soap/Lotion Set ($9.99)

For the Wine Lover: Stemless glassware ($7.96), Corkscrew & Wine Stopper Set ($6.99) & a unique $10.00 bottle of wine. Or for a little bit more you could pair either the bottle of wine or glassware with a Wine Book ($19.95) or Decanter ($19.99) or Wine Rack ($14.99). I personally love the 3 tier wine rack because it could also double as a silverware holder at a dinner party.

For the Writer: Journal ($4.99) & Stationary Gift Sets ($16.99) & inexpensive, unique pen.

For the Beauty Queen: Gift Certificate for a mani/pedi at her favorite nail salon & the hot nailpolish color of the season.
For the Coffee Lover or College Student: Starbuck's Via Ready Brew Tumbler ($16.95) and 12 Via Ready Brew Coffee packets ($8.95)

For the New Mother: Photo Album ($12.95) & "What to Expect the 1st Year" Book ($9.99)

For the Party Animal: Cocktail Shaker ($9.99), Martini Glasses (set of 4 for $11.96) & Umbrella Sticks (box of 24 for $2.99)

For the Fashionista: Scarf ($14.99) & earrings ($9.99)

For the Bath Lover: Bath salts/bubbles ($7.99) & magazine subscription for a year from Amazon (Prices will vary depending on the magazine but some are as low as $5.00 for 12 issues!)
The Practical: Gift card to somewhere they visit frequently - favorite lunch spot (Subway) or Coffeehouse (Peets), etc - paired with something that they could use.
For the Home Body: Popcorn ($6.99), Trader Joe's Chocolate Set & their favorite DVD. Target or Walmart have the least expensive selection of DVD's.
The Movie Buff: $20 gift card to the Movies & 2 boxes of candy.
For the Music Lover: Favorite CD & I-tunes gift card. You can't go wrong with Michael Jackson's "Number Ones" ($9.19)
For the Cook: Apron ($19.99) & matching potholders ($4.99)
For the Workaholic: Personalized Mouse Pad from ($12.99) & Technology Charging Station ($9.99)
For the Mood Setter: Votive Set (set of 4 for $14.99) or candle & fun box of matches.
For the Italian Lover: Flavored Oils (set of 4 for $8.95 or larger individual oils for $8.95) & dipping dishes ($1.95 each) or you could do the 3 part server ($9.95)
For the Sentimental: Unique Frame ($12.99) with personal picture.
For the BBQ Lover: BBQ Cookbook ($8.99) & BBQ tools ($7.48)
For the Health Nut: Salad Bowl (12.99) & Salad Cookbook ($8.99). If you want to spend a little more, top it off with an inexpensive pair of salad tongs ($9.99)
For the Exerciser: Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred DVD ($10.99) & pair of 8-12 lb. dumbbells (Prices will vary)
For the Cupcake Lover: Cupcake kit ($19.95) & store bought sprinkles.
For the Baker: "1 Mix - 100 Cookies" Cookbook ($8.99 ) & cookie cutter set ($14.99)
For the Golfer: Sleeve of Pro-V 1 Golf Balls ($10.76), Golf Glove ($9.99) & pack of Cigars.
For the Teeny-Bopper: Cosmetic bag ($9.99) filled with lip gloss, nail polish, lotion, etc.

For the Racey Nephew: Hot Wheels Lunch box ($6.99) filled with Hot Wheels cars ($.77 each at Walmart)

If you have an ornament exchange coming up, check out Pier One Import's fun selection or World Market's ornament selection.

Shop around - you may be able to find things even cheaper. Hope these ideas get the juices flowing! HAPPY SHOPPING!!

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  1. This is so amazing!!! Great ideas! Thank you :)