Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Must Have: Quarter Dispenser

A product I can't live without: The Quarter Dispenser.

I love it so much I gave it as a summer "Favorites" gift at our most recent girl get-together. For $2.99, you can have a stash of quarters handy and organized.

Perfect for when you pull up to the beach and you unexpectedly have to pay a parking meter. Great for toll roads on those summertime road trips. Camping. Laundromats. A spontaneous stop for ice cream when you don't have your wallet. Also a great gift for a recent grad going off to college for laundry and vending machines.

Just stock with quarters and throw it in your center console or glove compartment of your car so you're never inconvenienced again. Or buy two and put one in your travel bag or purse. Truly a must have. Available at The Container Store

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