Tuesday, July 19, 2011


A few years back I received a gift set that included a floral designed tape measure, pair of scissors and a screwdriver. To be honest, I was stoked about the scissors. For some reason growing up my mom's scissors were always dull. It would drive me crazy. And to make my blood boil even more, she didn't just have one pair. She had five...

Back to the gift set. If I was a betting girl I would have thought the screwdriver and tape measure would have gotten tossed into my husband's tool kit. Although I don't think anything floral would have lasted long. Instead I decided to throw them in my miscellaneous drawer for those times I didn't want to go into the dark, cold garage to rummage through that foreign box of tools. And boy am I glad I did. I had no idea that the screwdriver of all things would become one of my most used items around the house.

For those of you with children, you know that you're constantly changing out batteries in toys, noise machines, etc. Side note: Why aren't batteries on baby registeries?? I don't know how many times, I've tried to force a Flathead to work on a screw that called for a Phillips and vice versa. Hence why I am in LOVE with the 4-in-1 screwdriver. This interchangable screwdriver is so convenient and the bits are super easy to switch out. The handle acts as a storage for the other bits which are spring loaded when not in use.

I reach for this screwdriver at least once a week and for that, I think every girl could benefit from having this handy-dandy HAVE TO HAVE tool in an easily accessible drawer in your home.

You can order this particular screwdriver here for $3.99. Or just ask your helpful (yeah right)Home Depot employee to help you find one.

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