Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Eight years ago when I registered for my wedding I had no clue what I was doing; what I would need; what I would actually use. Little did I know that the 10-piece glass bowl set from Crate and Barrel would be my all-time favorite gift and must have in my kitchen. I am secretly obsessed with this bowl set hence why this is a HAVE TO HAVE in my book.

I love this set because...'s the most complete set of bowls ever. I have a size for EVERY need/use. I am never left without the right bowl.

...the clear bowls match any dinnerware or linens that I may be using.

...they are very versatile. Pretty enough to display if you're having a dinner party but basic enough for your everyday.

...the large bowls are awesome for mixing and serving and smaller bowls are great for sauces - ketchup, soy sauce or spices.

...they look pretty on the counter filled with fruit.

...I use them everyday.

...they are dishwasher safe and clean well.

...they nest for easy storage and don't take up a lot of space.

...they are the best investment in my kitchen.

...even after eight years they have yet to chip. They are extremely sturdy. is only $29.95!!!!!

If you're in need of a wedding gift, bridal shower gift or just need some functional bowls in your own kitchen, I highly HIGHLY recommend this bowl set.

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