Friday, July 29, 2011


I love thousands of things but I only need about thirty. Thirty staples. Yes, I know people might say I'm not adhering to "staple" in the strict bread-and-water sense of the word, but whatever you guys. Be serious.

On the top of my staples list is the Gilligan & O'Malley thong. Not the thong you put on your foot, the thong you put on your rear. And yes, I am being serious. :) My apologises if this picture of a woman's pelvic is offending you. I kind of feel weird posting it. I don't want it to seem pervy but I am passionate about you knowing about the best underwear in the world. From Target. Yep.

These thongs are the most comfortable, invisible, awesome underwear I have ever owned. Forget any of those fancy brands promising "no lines and no seams," which invariably give you elastic pooch or wedgies. This underwear is cut just right and the wide fabric hugs your sides in the perfect spot. They are smooth and soft (93% Cotton/7% Lycra Spandex) and don't pinch or dig. Say goodbye to the underwear provoked bulging fat rolls forever.

I just picked up a new supply - 5 pairs for $20. I personally love the all lace ones but the cotton are comfy too. These are available online or your local Target store. If this style isn't for you, Gilligan & O'Malley have other styles (and bras too!).

And those my friend's tickle my fancy!

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