Monday, December 27, 2010

Dress to impress: New Years Eve tips

Now that Christmas is over, it's time to start wiggin' out (if you haven't already) on what to wear to the upcoming New Year's Eve partyyyyy! And don't act like you aren't. Who doesn't?? I am guilty of it every year. It's just one of those days that warrants a grand entrance.

Before you head out on a rampage, here are a few tips to consider ahead of time:
  1. Figure out the dress code for the event you'll be attending. Is it a formal party? Semiformal? Casual?
  2. Check the weather & ask the host if the party will be indoors or out. That scoop back dress might be hot but there's nothing worse than possible hypothermia.
  3. Keep in mind that wherever you're going, there will always be other guests who are more and less dressy than you. Your goal - don't be the most undressed.
  4. Avoid wearing brand-new, never been worn shoes. Considering that New Year's Eve is a time to start anew, you don't want to start it by being miserable and in pain because of sore feet.
  5. Look in the depths of your closet before hitting the malls. You may just have forgotten about that little black dress (that you wore 3 years ago that NO ONE will remember) that will look fantastic with that new necklace you got for Christmas.
  6. If you must hit up the mall, browse through a Celebrity Magazine (ie: US Weekly) to see what chic styles are hot right now.
  7. Know YOUR body type. Just because something looks good on Jessica Alba, you need to consider your figure and how to accentuate your assets.

Unsure as to what attire is actually acceptable? Here is the Dress Code Decoded so you aren't playing the guessing game;

Formal/Black Tie: Speaks for itself. Usually black tie for men and long cocktail dresses or dressy evening separates for women. In trendier cities like LA & NY, men can get away with wearing a black button-down shirt, no tie, with a tux.

Semi-Formal (or after 5:00): Tuxes are not required, nor are long dresses. Appropriate for him is a dark suit and a cocktail dress for her.

Cocktail attire: Dark suit, usually no tie, for him and short elegant (with a splash of sexy) dresses for her.

Dressy casual: For him, trousers and a sport coat and for her, a dressy pant look - ie; black leggings with a sexy tank. In the past jeans have not been acceptable for "dressy casual" but if you have a trendy pair of designer jeans, I say wear them!

Casual: Anything goes. Come comfortable.

Informal: Often interpreted as casual but it actually calls for more semi-formal attire; dark suits for him, short dresses for her.

Festive attire: Popular around the holidays with the mood of the party being either Informal or Semi-formal. For her, choose a look with a bit of sparkle or holiday pop (beaded sweater, fur vest, red silk blouse). For him, most anything goes.

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