Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How Bad Is It... leave a charger plugged in when you aren't using it?

I am notorious for doing this. Along with the majority of you I'm sure. But I learned in HGTV magazine, that while it's not a fire or safety hazard to leave your cell phone, laptop or camera charger plugged in, it is a pretty big no no.

So what's the big deal? Count the number of chargers you have in your home. We have an iPad charger, a iPhone charger, and the Bose speaker charger all in the kitchen, We have a laptop charger on the desk and another in my husband's office. We have two iPhone chargers in our bedroom. That's seven chargers in a house with NO kids that have their own devices. Having just those devices plugged in 24/7 adds an extra $25 to my annual electric bill. Not a bank breaker but every dollar should count if you're being smart with your money.

Now consider that there are 130 million homes in the US. According to Paul Scheckel, author of The Homeowner's Energy Handbook, if each one of those houses has 10 chargers, we're collectively wasting billions of watts each year. It takes dozens of power plants spewing out smoke and emitting potentially harmful waste to produce that kind of energy.

Moral of the story: Although it may be a slight inconvenience, unplug your cord every time you are done powering up your device. If that's just too much of a hassle, invest in a power strip that you can quickly switch off whenever you don't need your charger.

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