Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday Challenge: DVD Organization

Looking for a perfect Spring cleaning project that can involve your kids that will get you organized for summer? While we all have high hopes that we'll check off a fun activity on the summer bucket list everyday, let's be real - there are going to be days, no matter how hot it is outside, that you're going to want to plop them in front a movie to shut them up for a solid 2 hours. Which is why this project is a must if you're feeling like your DVD, music  and/or video game collection is out of control.

Now normally involving the kids in any sort of organizational project is a total nightmare but let's attempt to make this fun. First corral the kids and tell them to make a big pile of all the DVD's. Explain to them that they are to make two piles; ones they watch and ones they don't. Do NOT tell them upfront that the movies in the "don't watch" pile are going to be given away. Kids tend to become hoarders then. After the two piles are sorted, tell them they are going to donate the "don't watch" movies to kids less fortunate. Hint: good teaching moment here. ;)

Have the kids then dump the donate pile into a bag, load into the car for you and their work is done.

As for the remaining favorites, head to the Container Store or buy online the 120-disc acrylic storage box. The innovative design of this media organizer holds a whopping 120 CDs or DVDs (without cases) in a small amount of space. The stackable box features channels that suspend colorful hanging sleeves that protect discs from scratches.  It includes 60 double-sided sleeves in six colors but additional storage sleeves are available (sold separately).

Once you have the storage box, toss the plastic cases and slip the discs into the sleeves. File them alphabetically and then tuck the box away or display on a side shelf since its so cute and organized.

And if you want to add movie day to the summer bucket list, take it to the next level and make it "Mimosas and Movies." My girlfriend does this and I think it's brilliant. Make it a playdate. Invite over your girlfriend and her kids. While they watch, you sip a mimosa and get some girl time. Cheers!

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