Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Sweep Eyeshadow: TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE??

The product: L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional "One Sweep Eyeshadow"

The concept: Three shades of contrasting eyeshadow and a one sweep brush for application to create an easy, simple, fuss-free eyeshadow look! It’s basically a single contrasting shadow look in a single compact sans the need of major skills for application. I think L’Oreal had in mind that this would appeal to a market that isn’t quite sure of proper application but still wanting a fabulous eyeshadow look. Granted, not everyone can blend well, apply eyeshadow, and create an overall fantastic eye look (I know I can’t) and the idea behind this was to make it happen with as little fuss and application know how as possible.

How does it work? Pretty simple. L’Oreal provides you with a large curved sponge applicator. The sponge is designed in a way that it’s supposed to mimic the curve of your lid and eye area. You simply swipe the applicator onto all three shadows (upwards for your left eye and downwards for your right) and proceed to swipe the applicator over your eye. Presto! This basically applies the shadow shades in the appropriate areas. The light shade is supposed to blend towards the top of your crease and highlight the area, where as the middle shade is supposed to shade your lid, and the last, darker shade is supposed to act as a liner for definition.

The verdict: My first reaction when I saw it on the shelf - simply brilliant. Unfortunately the end result is a total fail. Don't waste your money on this gimmick. The applicator is just far too big. One size does not fit all. Everyone's eye shape and size is different therefore there's no way you can get the shading effect they claim it gives. While the colors are decent, they don't have much pigment so you'll find yourself sweeping over your eye several times. But when sweeping that huge cheap sponge over your eye it starts at the inner corner of your eye and then fades out to the outer. Which then cakes on the color in the inner corner leaving you looked like you got kicked in the face. I personally prefer darker on the OUTER and lighter towards the inner. Essentially for the applicator to work correctly, you have to wash the sponge after every use. No thanks.

Parting words: Save your money. And remember that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is!

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