Thursday, August 4, 2011

ORGANIZE IT: The proper fold

When it comes to the perfect fold, I fit into the freak bucket. I can't stand balled up, shoved in sheets and towels in your linen closet. Talk about anxiety attack. Ok. Not really but you get it.

Once you know how to fold something correctly - and yes, there's a right way - you'll have a clutter-free closet in no time.

First the extremely awkward FITTED SHEET: Yes, folding a fitted sheet may seem like one of life’s great mysteries, but this quick tutorial will have you creating a neat and hassle-free fold in no time. Say good-bye to those crinkly, balled-up messes.

1) Lay out the sheet: Spread the sheet on a flat surface, fitted corners up.
2) Fold in half and tuck in corners: This is the key step to a successful fold. Fold sheet in half horizontally, tucking the fitted top corners into the fitted bottom corners. If your sheet has gathered sides, tuck them into each other, too. Smooth the edges flat.
3) Fold lengthwise: Fold the sheet lengthwise so that all four fitted corners are on top of one another. Again, slide the top set of corners into the bottom set.
4) Fold to desired size: Fold the sheet in half again, and fold over the smooth end to finish. For a smaller bundle, fold again.
Tip: To prevent wrinkles, fold sheets right out of the dryer while they’re still warm. Or before you fold, you can iron them like me. Yep. Told ya I'm a freak. :)

Moving on to the perfectly folded TOWEL: A properly folded towel has a neat, fluffy appearance and hidden edges. And you better believe I despise those pesky little edges that poke out.

1) Fold towel in thirds lengthwise. (If towel will be hung, transfer to rod; the monogram, if any, will be centered and visible.)
2) Fold towel into a rectangle, as shown. Easy-peasy.
Tip: Keep sets of guest towels together, bound with twill tape or ribbon. When visitors arrive, just transfer a stack from linen closet to guest bedroom. Ok maybe a little too Martha Stewart'esk but maybe in your next life.

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