Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Are you tired of nagging your kids about chores - and hearing the same lame excuses? I'm not quite there yet but you better believe my kid's will have jobs to earn their keep around the house.

I came across this magnetic job chart from Martha Stewart and although it takes some crafting, it seems relatively easy to keeps track of who has done what. The entire thing is designed on a computer, then printed on ink jet magnet sheets (found at your local craft store), which are thin and easy to cut. What I like most about this particular chart is you have the flexibility to change the child's chore each week without having to make a new chart.

Job Chart How-To:

Design colored rectangles with the names of chores typed inside them. If you like, color-code magnets according to level of difficulty or frequency (every day, once a week, and so on). Kids' photos can be scanned in or downloaded from a digital camera. Assemble chore names and photos on one computer page, then print onto a magnet sheet; cut out.

To make the chart, design a column for each child, with areas labeled "chores to do" and "chores completed." Print onto a magnetic sheet, and post it on the refrigerator, adding kids' photos and chore magnets.

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