Monday, September 9, 2013

RAVE REVIEW: A product EVERY girl should own

I was fed up. And I mean FED up with my cosmetic brushes. They were MAC. And always shedding. Anyone else annoyed with loose bristles stuck to your face? If so - you need to check out Ecotools make-up brushes. Getting gorgeous, going green, and giving back is what Ecotools is all about!

I am smitten over their Domed Bronzer Brush. Super dense. Never sheds. Incredibly soft. Totally affordable. I got mine for under $10 and now after using it, I would have easily paid 3 times as much seeing how flawless it applies the powder. And did I mention - it NEVER sheds!!

And all their brushes are environmentally friendly, 100% Cruelty-Free, 100% vegan, made of bamboo + recycled aluminum. They have an entire line of beauty products not just brushes; eyelashes, bath products, cosmetic bags. Make sure to check out their 6 piece starter kit for $12.99 that was awarded one of 'In Style's' 2013 Best Beauty Buys.

You can find Ecotools at Target, Walmart, Amazon, among other places.

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