Friday, September 28, 2012

2012 Fall Fashion Inspiration

Happy Friday! I was thrilled this morning when I came across this fashion board with 21fabulous outfits for fall 2012. Lord knows that New York fashion week isn't on my radar so I'm thankful Beth over at Home Stories A to Z was able to help a sista' out. Some you'll love, some you might hate. Take bits and pieces and make it your own.

What I loved about her post is that she made it super convenient by allowing you to “shop the outfit." You can click on the items to be taken directly to the store carrying that item. She tried using the exact items when possible and sometimes deliberately highlighted some cheaper alternatives. But her focus wasn't to make them affordable. Just inspiring.

Here are a few looks I love from the list. Maybe not the whole look but an item that I will be sure to find. At an affordable price.

Love this simple look sans those flower sunglasses & earrings. Boots are lovely but probably won't be around next fall. 

I'm a sucker for stripes so I'm LOVING that top especially the ruffle shoulder detail. Jeans color is great too!

Love that brown hooded jacket. Looks comfy.

Love the yellow, white & navy combo. The girly detail on the trench coat collar is fabulous. Those boots are hot but as a mom, I wouldn't waste my money.

Love that orange caridan. Perfect for those "feeling fat" days.

Love the yellow top. Not sure I'd put the yellow trench over the top though. Love that the bootcut jean is still in!
Love the belt & scarf but I'm especially excited about the grey boot. I will have grey boots this fall.

To see the full collection and where to buy certain items,
click HERE. 

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